Fantaste Co.,Ltd.

Fantaste Group Co., Ltd is a large-scale food company mainly manages pork and seafood processing, which is wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningbo Tech-Bank Co., LTD (Stock Code: 002124). 

 Fantaste Company was planned and made trial operation in July 2015, which officially entered the market at the beginning of March 2016. At the begining of the company,  Fantaste has been defined for the overall strategic plan under the group control mode as high starting point and fast pace into fresh food field. At the end of March 2016, Yancheng Happyoufood Co. Ltd was incorporated into Fantaste Group Co., Ltd, thus the scale of the group was enlarged and the power of the company was strengthened. At present, Fantaste Group owns two strong subsidiaries --- Shanghai Fantaste Co., Ltd and Yancheng Happyoufood Co. Ltd. It goes around fresh food industry chains and is actively preparing for Beijing Fantaste Co., Ltd, Fantaste Processing Co., Ltd, Fantaste Experience Catering Company.

Fantaste Group Co., Ltd inherits the enterprise mission of “Better food, better life” from its parent company Ningbo Tech-Bank Co., LTD. It adheres to the way of prominent science, self-innovation, product development and spreading food brand. The current main products are the series of food: Fantaste Meiwei Pork and Fantaste Seafood Processed Food.


Thereinto, Fantaste Meiwei Pork is elaborately studied and raised by Hanswine—French CG Team, which is dependent on parent company in breeding, feed, vaccine plate resources. The whole course of producing pork can be traced from the breed, feed, and vaccine to disease prevention. All of the Fantaste Meiwei Pork is provided directly by self-owned aquaculture base, ensured to be fresh and delicious. Fantaste seafood processed food is directly provided by Yancheng Happyoufood, which originates from Happyoufood self-owned “Dafeng Oriental Oasis Aquaculture Base”, and is dependent on Happyoufood’s strong technological power, advanced processing facilities, strict producing management, reliable quality guarantee and high-qualified course service. The company whose products has low price but high quality keeps with the pace of the times; its products are exported to the European Union, the United States, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Fantaste takes winning for quality as the core competitiveness, and takes “food + Internet” as the overall business strategy. It uses the thinking and technology in Internet era to make strenuous efforts for building Fantaste brand image. As Tech-Bank’s food business module, Fantaste is the core module of Tech-Bank future strategic development and business increase. The future operation target of Fantaste is to become the largest processing pork base in East China and South China and to set processing bases and marketing centers in the first-tier cities Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen.     

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